Champion A Child in Africa!

The Child That Will Not Be Forgotten!

Did You Know?

More than 800 million people go to bed hungry every day, of which 300 million are children. (UNAIDS)

Every year, six million children die from malnutrition before their fifth birthday. (World Health Organization)

FACT 3: Nearly one third of children in Sub-Saharan Africa are underweight. (UNICEF) 

FACT 4: Malaria kills an African child every 30 seconds (with more than 3000 African children dying daily), and remains one of the most important threats to the health of pregnant women and their newborns. (WHO, UNICEF, 2003)

FACT 5: More than 50 percent of Africans suffer from water-related diseases such as cholera and infant diarrhea. (World Health Organization)

FACT 6: Only 57% of African children are enrolled in primary education, and one in three do not complete school. (African Union: Poverty in Africa Statistics)

Our Angel Needs Your help!

Did you know that Knowledge is Power?
Did you know that our children’s future,(regardless of circumstances surrounding their births) need to be fueled with Passion, Diligence and Excellence?

For Africans, education is a crucial part of freeing themselves from poverty. With deteriorated school buildings, inadequate school supplies, limited teachers and no transportation to and from schools as well as finances for school uniforms etc; African children and families face a very huge barrier in receiving an education.

With access to proper education, our children and families stand a chance of overcoming poverty.

The Adassa Foundation is a US based nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide an atmosphere of hope, healing and restoration for the children of Africa. Despite their extraordinary circumstances, they will have a brighter future because YOU CARE!

What better way to achieve this, than to reach out to one of these loved ones during this holiday season.              

                                                   TO DONATE ONLINE

 While many of our children in the western world are thinking of how many toys they will get this holiday season; our African children simply want a chance to survive the harsh reality of incredible lack in their lives.

While some of our children in the western world are asking for the latest toys in vogue; our African children are simply asking for a chance at healthy living; an opportunity to live to its fullest and a means to quality education this coming year.  

Why not consider putting a smile on a face, please consider changing a life in Africa. Donate to the “Champion A Child” Scholarship Fund Today!

Do you know that for $232 a year, you can send an African Child to school?

Champion a Child –                $ 20.00 per month
                                                        $ 60.00 per 3 months
                                                        $ 232.00 per year
Champion a Class (25) –       $500.00 per month
Champion a School (100) – $2,000.00 per month                          

We also rejoice as we share with you how your donation is impacting lives in Africa. For stories, please log in to:


1) December 4, 2010
is Emure Kingdom’s Day. 32 Students will be presented with Scholarship Awards. They range from grade school to college students who have 4.2 GPA. For details, please log on to:
Congratualtions to all of our students for their hardwork!

2) AAF, Inc. is launching the theme song for the children in Africa : “Friend to an Angel” written by Steve Siler and Led Stouder. You are encouraged to listen to it and order your copy for a donation at:

3) Thanks to Tennesseans who donated Used Books, Spring Hill Library -donated lots of books, Universities which donated Computers, fellow Africans who donated baby cots, Frist donated medical supplies; Spring Hill Rotary club– donated funds; Mayor of Spring Hill and Lowe’s- Farm Tiller and other individuals who continue to donate in kind and funds.

A Special thanks to Ms & Mrs Ken Bronson!  How can we thank you enough for your continuous dedication to the children of Emure Kingdom.

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